The GLOBAL Service is designed to cater for the varying risk appetites of international investors. The fund management industry has experienced significant change in the last quarter of a century. Product innovation has enabled investors to benefit from wider exposure to global financial markets with far greater efficiency and at a lower cost. Index-tracking investments such as ETFs have grown increasingly important and form the building blocks (ACUMEN) for the portfolios managed within the GLOBAL Service.
The GLOBAL Portfolios are amongst the most diversified multi-asset portfolios in the world. Each has been constructed with advanced, quantitative, fund management techniques. Exposure is spread across equity and debt securities of thousands of companies internationally. Multiple layers of diversification within and between asset classes are key to the portfolio construction process and are designed to mitigate risk.

Each regional asset class is optimised separately into a sub-portfolio, and then aggregated into a multi-asset portfolio that targets a level of volatility consistent with the investment objectives of each GLOBAL Portfolio. Approximately 85% of the holdings within each portfolio are hedged back to the investing currency, be that the pound sterling, the euro or the US dollar.

Each GLOBAL Portfolio is constructed using Tavistock’s Backward Induction optimisation process at a regional asset class, asset class and portfolio level. On average, twenty-two separate optimisations are required to finalise each portfolio of holdings. The process encompasses both historical and five-year rolling forecast data for asset class returns, correlation and volatility.

The end portfolio is a blend of the analyses run over the backward and forward-looking time frames. The same set of portfolio constraints and investment guidelines are also given to the quantitative analysis team at iShares (BlackRock) and they separately run a multi-step optimisation utilising their proprietary risk system, known as Aladdin. This vital element of our investment process independently validates the work done internally and helps distil any further improvement. The GLOBAL Portfolio investment team manages risk using IT systems such as Thomson Reuters Eikon, Lipper for Investment Management, Datastream and AlternativeSoft. The portfolios are actively managed, monitored daily and typically rebalanced on a quarterly basis.


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The value of an investment in the GLOBAL Portfolios may fall as well as rise. Past performance should not be seen as an indication of future performance.

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